Welcome to Dick's Smokehouse. We cook our meat the great American way - lOW'N'SLOW.
We are now 'dicks-in-bricks'. situated in bromsgrove, worcestershire, we offer all our amazing specialities with new additions to the menu. Our food is cooked over natural wood & coal, to give that irresistible smokey flavour. Not forgetting our handmade rubs, sauces & pickles which will have you coming back for more.

Richard first found his passion for food 10 years ago. He started his career by attending Worcester technology college for 3 years. Since then he has worked in various restaurants across the country, working alongside some truly talented chefs. Richard soon found being a pastry chef was what he enjoyed most, and spent the following years pursuing that skill.
In search of new challenges, he came across the glorious world of BBQ. The smokiness and tenderness of the meat, encouraged him to dive deeper into low'n'slow cooking. After months of practice, plenty of meat and gallons of sauce - Dick's Smokehouse was born.